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What is inside this course?

The 24 lessons in 194 pages in three modules will guide you through the infatuation stage of a relationship.
To understanding why you were drawn to that person. You will then engage in the process to identify the type of person who is ideally suited to you.

  • 3 modules, containing a total of 24 lessons in 194 pages.
  • 3 quizzes for each module
  • 26 additional resources, affirmations, checklists, and reflections to reinforce the application of the material

Who is this course for?

  • The college student looking for their first real love.
  • The widow hoping to find love again.
  • The divorcee who is ready to start over.
  • ANYONE longing to find their SOULMATE and experience the relationship of their dreams.
  • The person who sacrificed their love life for their career.
  • The woman who has been burned over many relationships.
  • The introvert who is afraid of rejection.